Saturday, October 11, 2008


Metrojaya Warehouse Sale will be held from 23rd Oct till 27Oct 2008 at Stadium Melawati Shah Alam
Discounts Up To 70%
Some of the Brands Offered
East India Company, Somerset Bay , Reject Shop, Renoma, Alain Delon, Smalto, Goggles
Men’s Shoes, Accessories, Poney, Disney, Bandai, Takara-tom,Novelle, Niki Cains, Jean Perry, Riccardo...
Cosmetics: Loreal, Revlon, Silky Girl, International Branded Fragrances...
Electrical Items : Cooker, Blender, Hair Dryer, Vacuum Cleaner, Chocolate Fountain, Pie Maker, Mini Oven and more…

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